Price: $100

State: Maryland
City: Rockville
Zip code: 20851
Type: Pets

Charlotte ? Beautiful Border Collie Mix For Adoption in Washington
If you have been looking for an incredible small dog for adoption in Washington or Baltimore, we are pleased to present Charlotte the wonder-dog. This healthy, well behaved, very affectionate and intelligent Border Collie mix is looking for a loving, forever home. Please call Debbie at (202) 888- or fill out an adoption form here: $100 adoption/rehoming fee applies.
My name is Charlotte, and I am the most loving, smart and sweet little dog you will find. My intelligence comes from being a Border Collie mix, and my compact size comes from my terrier heritage.
I am a submissive, people loving sweetheart. I get along very well with other dogs, but I love hanging out with humans more than anything. I love to play, and am a very joyful dog. I can cheer up even the grumpiest person, and my playful antics are lots of fun to watch. I am very well-adjusted and have a great disposition. I love kids. I really have no bad habits.
I am being rehomed by my owner, with whom I have lived for the past 4 years. He is heartbroken to have to place me in a new home, but I have become a ?climber?, and he is concerned for my safety. We are looking for a home for me where I can be walked, rather than being allowed unsupervised back yard access. A home that has a fenced yard with a six foot high fence would also be a great option.
My owner will provide anything that I need for a good start in my new home ? along with his sincere gratitude and ongoing friendship. He would very much love to keep in touch with us, as he loves me dearly.
I will make an ideal companion for a retired person or couple. someone who works from home, or a family with a stay at home Mom or Dad. I am a little black and white ray of sunshine! I look forward to lighting up your life!
Love and Licks,
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Unknown
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Accessories Included: Anything you need.
Charlotte?s Personality
Charlotte is great with other dogs, friendly, playful, and submissive.
Charlotte?s Current Home Environment
Charlotte lives with 2 other dogs. We used to foster dogs, and she was terrific, in fact incredible, with them. Always bringing even the most hesitant out of their shells.
Cute Charlotte Story:
Charlotte is a kisser! So much that we have a command for her to stop. When you?ve had enough love, please say ?That?s enough, Charlotte.? She and my other small dog play with each other so much that we call it the ?Charlotte and Andrew Show?. Who needs television when there?s so much cuteness around?
Why is Charlotte Being Rehomed?
Charlotte just learned to climb our 5 foot high fence. I cannot insure her safety. This saddens me to no end.
Charlotte?s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:
Loving, loving, loving. We adopted Charlotte a 3-4 years ago, and she was sooooo insecure for so long. She is happy and well-adjusted. She has no bad habits, other than being a climber. The right home will have a 6 foot fence, or her new family will always walk her. Also, I want her to be in a home where, if she cannot have unlimited access to a backyard (via a pet door for example), she is not home alone all day.
Additional Comments:
We love Charlotte very much. She is incredibly loving and loyal and joyous. We want her to have a happy life. I will only place her with the right new family.